Group registration for BARNLEK 2023

Registration of a group/association who plans to participate in BARNLEK 2023. Registration fee for each participant is 2400 SEK. But for participants who are not affiliated to any of the member organizations of Nordlek, an extra fee of 500 SEK will apply.

To be able to register in a proper way you need to read the information about the registration on During the registration we will ask questions such as

  • the name of the group
  • who the responsible leader will be for the group in Lerum during BARNLEK 2023
  • approximately how many participants that will attend BARNLEK 2023
  • which country, member organization and association the group belongs to
  • which day the main part of the group will arrive and by which transportation mean
  • if you are interested in participating in PR performances

and which billing address your group or association has. In the group registration personal details, such as date of birth, for the responsible leader is needed. We understand that some of the answers may change before arrival to BARNLEK 2023. We are asking for this information to be able to make a rough plan as early as possible. If no big changes occur, then there is no need to contact us to update the information.

City: Lerums Gymnasium Även Kallad Dergårdsgymnasiet

When: BARNLEK 2023, 12-15 juli

Start: 2023-07-12 (342 dagar sedan)

Organizer: Barnlek

Barnlek 857201-8417

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