Dance Fitness & Stretching

Without sufficient flexibility in the right places, you increase the risk of overloading joints and muscles, and you also risk developing poor movement patterns.

  • Do you feel stiff in general, and have associated aches and pains?
  • Do you want more control over your body?
  • Do you struggle to get into a correct position when doing weight lifting?
  • Do you struggle to get of the floor when playing with your kids or grandkids?
  • Do you want to move smoother and more beautifully when you dance?
  • Do you wish that you could get into splits, or at least close to getting into splits?
  • Do you wish to stretch moe but you can't find the motivation to do it on your own, or do you feel that you do not have the knowledge to do so safely and properly?

Then this course is for you.

This course aims to increase felxibiliy and mobility, which is the control you have over your movements.


The course is taught in English by an educated and experienced dancer. Everyone is welcome, no matter age or physical condition.

Note: will change to online teaching via Zoom or using some other digital platforms if corona situation will not allow us to teach in person in the dance studio. follows the general advice and restrictions as decided by the authorities.
You should definitely not participate in the course if you show symptoms of illness, or if you have been in close contact with sick or infected people. Anyone who is ill, even with mild symptoms, should stay at home until two days after recovery. If you fall ill during a lesson, you should go home immediately.
We encourage you to change clothes at home before and after activities if possible.
Keep distance from other participants, even when you are on your way in and out of the room.
The number of allowed participants is reduced to increase the availible space for each participant.




City: Linköping

Where: Puls, Skylten

When: Mån 18.30-19.30

Start: 2021-09-27 (igår)

Occasions: 10

Level: Från Nybörjare

Instructors: Khaled, Mariam

Price: 1000 kr

Organizer: Dansarna