Öppet Hus- Västafrikanska trummor och dans

Welcome to open house with Dansarna.se and a free test session of West African Dance and Drums!

Enjoy the strength and energy in West African live drumming! Dembe - African Drums focuses on Djembe - a drum from West-Africa which has become popular all over the world. Dansarna offers a course in Djembe on a mixed level covering basic beats, techniques, understanding rhythm and some traditional West-African rhythms on different levels of difficulty. Even of the course is on a mixed level you should have some rhythm/music/dance experience.

Feel the power and energy in the West-African dance to live drumming! African Dance, with its roots in traditional West African dance, is powerful, fast, playful and simple at the same time.

We dance barefoot and don't forget your water-bottle - you will need it.


Dansarna.se is based on the general advice and restrictions decided on by the authorities. We all have a responsibility to help minimize the spread of infection.

You should definitely not participate in the course if you show symptoms of illness, or if you have been in close contact with sick or infected people. Anyone who is ill, even with mild symptoms, should stay home until two days after recovery. If you fall ill during a course, you should go home immediately.

We encourage you to change your home before and after activities if possible.

Keep a distance from other participants, even when you are on your way in and out of the room.

The number of participants in the course is reduced, we train in a small group.


City: Linköping

Where: Dansstudion, Linköping's Dance Studio

When: Lör 12.30-13.30

Start: 2021-08-14 (45 dagar sedan)

Level: Från Nybörjare

Instructors: Csilla, Amit

Organizer: Dansarna