Västafrikansk Dans

Do you want to enjoy dance to the sound of live drumming?

Tribes in West Africa used to dance as a ritual to release stress, practicing religion to connect with divine power, for communication, self expression. Dance brings us closer, makes us happy and can help us to deal with the tenison we carry.

This course will give you a taste of traditional West African dance where we are going to move our bodies to live drumming. The character of this dance is usually very energetic, spiced up with jumps, turns and a dynamic combination of fast and slow movements.


On this course you will:

*Improve your basic posture and move with grace

*Learn how listen to the drums and be able to interpret the sounds

*Understand basic movements and learn movement combinations

*Coordinate arms and feet at the same time

*Get an introduction to one traditional West African dance

*Be able to dance a choreography

This course is taught in Swedish!

Warm welcome to this course!

City: Linköping

Where: St Lars Gymnasium, Dans och Dramasal

When: Sön 18.00-19.15

Start: 2022-02-27 (169 dagar sedan)

Occasions: 7

Level: Från Nybörjarmedel - Medel

Instructors: Csilla Domonkos

Organizer: Dansarna

Plats finns