Shim Sham x 2

Ylva will teach you the most common authentic jazz routine, the Shim Sham

 Authentic Jazz is the solo dance of the swing family. With many different steps and routines it's a great way to gain body control, exercise and get your feet moving. A reward in it self and also mandatory for any Lindy Hopper that want to progress beyond the basics 

Johannesskolan, Nikolaigatan 7, Malmö. Find the right door  



Planned occasions
1. v.36 Tors 9/9 18:00 - 18:50 (50m) Johannesskolan - Gymnastiksal 2
2. v.37 Tors 16/9 18:00 - 18:50 (50m) Johannesskolan - Gymnastiksal 2

City: Malmö

Where: Gymnastiksal 2, Johannesskolan

When: Tors 18.00-18.50

Start: 2021-09-09 (om 48 dagar)

Occasions: 2

Instructors: Ylva

Price: 100 kr

Organizer: HepTown

Membership: Required

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