The Black Cat's Blues Dance Party

The Black Cat is finally back with one of those infamous “underground” parties. This time in a free attic edition at NGBG in Malmö. The catch is you all need to become members of NGBG, arrive before 22:00 and sign up below to get the inside information

The attic blues party starts at 20:00 but you are welcome to hangout downstairs at NGBG from 18:00. This weekend there is also a cool art exhibition and NGBG will have some simple and very affordable food and drinks.

Last minute info in the Facebook event.


Entrance to NGBG is free and open to the public until 22:00. After this it’s only open to NGBG members. Not a member? No worries, it's only 100/kr for a year's membership: Card payment at or Swish 100 kr to 1231083823 and write your email in the message.

BRING INDOOR SHOES! (and coat hangers)

Please bring indoor shoes for the nice upstairs dance floor.
Also if you have spare coathangers that you are willing to donate to NGBG bring em too.


Some simple food and drinks available at the downstairs “bar”! You can also bring snacks ect for the upstairs potluck..


Upstairs inside Annelundsgården located on Annelundsgatan 63, Malmö. It's right around the corner from Rosengård train station and a 20 min walk from Triangeln Öresund train station.

City: Malmö

Where: NGBG, Malmö

When: Lör 20.00-02.00

Start: 2023-01-28 (132 dagar sedan)

Organizer: HepTown

50 anmälda till 70 platser