Balboa practice session


Registration will open at noon Tuesday the 7th of March!

This practice session is for all the fellow balboa geeks out there! This is not your ordinary teacher led class, the attendees are expected to actively engage and partake in the practice and discussion.The session will be moderated by Frida Rydén and Cuong Vu, covering 3-4 main topics dependent on group size and experience. The Balboa practic e session is  not for beginners but suitable for dancers from Intermediate and up.

Don't forget to also sign up to the party! 

Bring clean indoor shoes! 

We found a venue with really nice wooden dance floors that we want to be mindful of. 

Tickets are non refundable and personal…

…but we also want you to stay at home if you are even the slightest sick. If you press cancel in the acceptance email a.s.a.p. and before 10:00 on the 1st of April and send us an email you will get everything as a credit for future events and classes with HepTown. It's also not practicly possible to transfer a ticket.

Follow, Lead or Switch?

We will try to keep it fairly balanced. Choose your main role and also write SWITCH in the comments if you dance both.


If it's unbalanced or sold out you will be put in the queue. It's very important to cancel if you get other plans as you might get accepted all the way until the practice session starts. To cancel just press the cancel (avboka) button in the registration email.

Planned occasions
1. v.13 Lör 1/4 14:00 - 16:00 (2t) Malmö Folkdansare - Stora danslokalen


Malmö Folkdansare, Sallerupsvägen 26, 21218 Malmö

City: Malmö

Where: Stora Danslokalen, Malmö Folkdansare

When: Lör 14.00-16.00

Start: 2023-04-01 (445 dagar sedan)

Level: Från Intermediate till advanced

Instructors: Cuong Vu & Frida Rydén

Price: 50 kr

Organizer: HepTown

5 förare och 4 följare anmälda till totalt 32 platser

HepTown 769605-8366, 070-567 52 92

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