23/10 Monday Night Swing CANCELLED. Book a seat at the hangout instead

Monday Night Swing ang B-course on October 23rd is canceled as no suitable venue is available.

Let's start the afterparty early and hang out from 8:00 PM. Press "going" on Facebook to let us know how many seats to book! Or sign-up in this event if you prefer not to use Facebook.

Stay tuned!! Preliminary at our regular after party venue open 11-02
Resturang Botulfs
Vårfrugatan 8, Lund (Botulfsplatsen)

The regular after party

Monday Night Swing

City: Lund

Where: Botulfs

When: Mån 20.00-22.00

Start: 2023-10-16 (226 dagar sedan)

Organizer: HepTown

6 anmälda till 50 platser

Org.nr: 769605-8366
classes@heptown.com, 070-567 52 92

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