Volunteer in the HepCat crew

Cat Crew that’s you!

Getting involved can be as simple as minding the entrance for a while at the Monday night swing in exchange for free entrance or putting in more work like frequently putting up lots of posters in exchange for free swing courses. It’s also a good way to influence your swing scene and get to know more of the friendly dancers.

It can also be many other things like

  • DJing
  • Teaching
  • Photographing
  • Writing texts 
  • Making your own event
  • Joning or starting a team 
  • Set-up and crash-down at events
  • Baking a cake
  • Making a better web page 
  • Taking over as the Monday Night Swing boss
  • Or other things you want to contribute with


Signing-up as a HepTown Cat Crew here is not binding in any way

Sign- up if you want to get involved, have an idea or if you are just curious and want to know more

Press Book (Boka) below to open the crew registration form

It works the same way as signing-up to our classes at dans.se

Also join our Cat Crew group on Facebook

And use the Monday Night Swing Crew sign-up to book a volunteer shift.



City: Lund

Organizer: HepTown

Direct registration

Org.nr: 769605-8366
classes@heptown.com, 070-567 52 92

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