Balboa Summer Practice

Summer practises in Balboa dancing are back and open for all members of WCJ. We believe that this is important if not necessary step forward to your growth and before kick off to a new season, it's good to be prepared and warmed up. What is to achieve in these practises, you might ask yourself? To improve your connection, repeat steps and movements that you've learned or forget, bring your footwork back in shape, and to get custom answers to your mysterious questions.To attend these practises we strongly recommend you to come with your dance partner. If not, you will need to wait for your turn when one of the dancers will be free for you. Since these kind of practises are rare, and with this line of instructors ready to help you, we suggest you to take this golden opportunity for your advantage.

Kotipaikka: Göteborg

Milloin: Onsdagar i augusti klockan 18-20 (Drop-in)

Tilaisuudet?: 5

Startti/alku: 2018-08-01 (18 dagar sedan)

Johtaja: Anni, Eva, Gašper

Järjestäjä: West Coast Jitterbugs

Jäsenyys: 250 kr (pakollinen)