Blue Fika Fest 2022 FULL PASS

Welcome to the second installment of our Blues and Fusion festival in Stockholm! We’re calling it Blue Fika Fest since our blues is blue, our fusion is blues-inspired, and fika* is our way of life. 

You can expect:

- A cozy, friendly atmosphere with high snack-availability

- Three nights of social dancing

- Two nights of live music (one night blues, one fusion)

- Blues and fusion classes with international teachers that we’re really excited about! (Note that each class will be either blues or fusion, as we love both styles but also want to emphasize the difference between them.)



21-23 October 2022


Swedish Swing Society, Odengatan 89, Stockholm








3.5 hours of classes per day, all held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. No early mornings!

Classes will be run in a "choose your own adventure" format, where you will have the choice of two different classes. We will dedicate one day to blues only classes, and one day for fusion.



Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Live music on two of the evenings.



Full pass (members) 1000 SEK

Full pass (non-members) 1200 SEK

Party pass (members) 200 SEK

Party pass (non-members) 350 SEK



We will try to pair out-of-town dancers with locals for the workshop, so if you are a dancer from out of town looking for hosting, let us know in the “message” field in the signup form. Also let us know if you have any pet allergies and if you’re a smoker.

The same goes if you’re local dancer willing to host out-of-towners, write in the message field how many dancers you can host, and if you have any pets, preferences for gender, non-smokers, etc.



Full payment must be received 2 weeks after acceptance, otherwise you risk losing your place at the camp.

Cancellations before 25th September will receive a full refund minus 200 kr processing fee. (E-mail

Cancellations after 25th September will receive no refund. You may however transfer your ticket to someone else with the same dance role (leader or follower).


Email us at 




Swedish Swing Society, Odengatan 89, 11322 Stockholm

City: Stockholm

Where: Odengatan 89

When: 21-23 october

Start: 2022-10-21 (225 dagar sedan)

Price: 1200 kr

Organizer: Swedish Swing Society Stockholm

25 förare och 25 följare anmälda till totalt 50 platser