Solo Blues

Open level from complete beginner to experienced dancer. Solo blues can be danced alone in the corner of the dance floor, but more often it's about dancing with other people and sharing inspiration and vibes between yourselves. The class contents will be layered based on previous experience. A beginner dancer will learn the basic aesthetics and rhythms of blues, while more experienced dancers will focus more on finding their style and inventing new ways to interpret the music through their bodies.

Solo dancing to various types of blues music. Blues is a music and dance form of African American origin. The dance combines African and European aesthetics of dancing and you can find many moves known from hiphop, street dance, funk and more originating from blues dancing. 

This is a dance class where you get to practice your moves that you can then include in both your solo dancing and your couple dancing. 

You will enlarge your vocabulary but do not expect plethora of dance terms and move names. We will work from the music and inspire each other.

You will learn how to dance sustainably and to not hurt yourself and others even if you go on the whole night. You will learn about the different ways to dance solo, like jam circles, cutting and more. 


Avbokning: OBS! Om du inte kan eller vill gå på en kurs du anmält dig till måste du avboka dig via mail till - senast 3 dagar före kursstart.


Swedish Swing Society , Igeldammsgatan 22C, 11249 Stockholm

City: Stockholm

Where: Odengatan 89, sal 2

When: Ons 17.30-18.40

Start: 2022-10-26 (100 dagar sedan)

Occasions: 8

Level: Från Nybörjare

Instructors: Nikola Ellinor Liptakova

Price: 1200 kr

Organizer: Swedish Swing Society Stockholm

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