The Balboa Reset

The Balboa Reset


OMG yes, yes, yes. Gio and Gloria are back to Stockholm! 


Are you ready to transform your Balboa? No, kidding! This is what you should expect. If you feel sad with your dancing after a workshop, or the workshop’s material does not make a change in your dance, the Balboa Reset will be a game-changer for you! 


With a revolutionary teaching method Gio and Gloria will guide you to find confort, self-confidence and the right feeling.  Do not expect to learn intricate figures, choreography or variations… how many have learnt and forgot already?! At the Balboa Reset you will get instead a deeper feeling for what lead and follow is all about, and you can later develop the dance and flow on the dance floor as you like.


Do you need to work hard? No! It’s the opposite! With the right mindset you can slide in to the new version of yourself very easily! Through exercises you will get first a feeling for several aspects of the dance and then you will have them broken down for you. Basically the opposite of a traditional workshop! 


Sounds too good to be true? Ask former participants!


So, what’s the plan? Well, on Friday you can warm up with a party; because…. it’s fun! This is Friday Night Shuffle, the monthly social dance for the Balboa cats in Stockholm. The entrance fee is not included in the workshop price and is 80 SEK for non-members of the Swedish Swing Society and 40 SEK for the members.


Then on Saturday and Sunday you will start the reset! The schedule is chill, consisting of 4 hours and 50 minutes of workshop:

two groups: intermediate and intermediate/advanced

 two reset classes per group and - to finish up the weekend - one extra class joint by both groups 


Saturday evening is time for “Keep it Casual”! Yeaah!  you can social dance to the energetic upbeat music played at Bobby McGee’s - the iconic Los Angeles meeting place for the original Balboa dancers. Smooth Baby! 





19:00-22:00 Friday Night Shuffle party 


12:30-14:30 - intermediate 

14:50-16:50 - intermediate/advanced 

19:30-23:00 "Keep it Casual" party 



12:30-13:40 - intermediate/advanced 

13:50-15:00 - intermediate 

15:10-16:50 - intermediate + intermediate/advanced 


Price per person

800 SEK for non-members of Swedish Swing Society 

600 SEK for Swedish Swing Society members 

If you take both levels is an additional 300 SEK for non-members and 250 SEK for members.



Even if you do not take part in the workshop you are welcome to the parties. Entrance fee is 80 SEK for non-members and 40 SEK for members. 



Swedish Swing Society

Odengatan 89, Stockholm


Swedish Swing Society, Odengatan 89, 11322 Stockholm

City: Stockholm

Where: Stora Salen

When: 15 - 17 September

Start: 2023-09-16 (301 dagar sedan)

Occasions: 2

Level: Från Medel - Medelavancerad

Instructors: Giuseppe Olla

Organizer: Swedish Swing Society Stockholm

Swedish Swing Society Stockholm 556962-3712

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