Stockholm Blues Immersion


Swedish summer. A remote cabin in the woods where you'll spend 5 days immersed in blues and the blues community with a small group of advanced blues dancers. Together you'll enjoy a relaxed schedule where you'll have plenty of time for lessons and practice, but also forest walks, swimming and hanging out in the sauna.

Ever feel like workshops don't get you very far anymore, and that you keep scratching the surface of many things but never really master any of them? We want Stockholm Blues Immersion to be the remedy. Our teachers will cover fewer topics, but we'll stay on each topic longer to really explore it properly, both during the lesson and in practice sessions.


Have you been dancing for a while but feel like you’ve reached a plateau?
Are you maybe teaching blues but feel like you don’t have a lot of peers in your local scene to practice with?
Do you go to a lot of festivals and workshops but wish there were more time to explore some topics in depth?
Are you really passionate about learning more about blues and advancing your dance skills?
Yes? Then this is for you.



Wednesday 24 july 13:00 - Monday 29 july 12:00

Flouer Evelyn and Adam Skoglund


20-30 students
5 days of classes, 3-4 hours / day
Dedicated practice time

This will be a self-organized event where we'll all contribute to making it happen.
You'll be expected to take a shift or two in the kitchen, and we will also work together to fill the DJ schedule. Bring your best tunes!

We have a few options right now, but the recurring theme is a big cabin in the woods, near water, with a sauna. Beds and camping space will both be available.

We'll have parties each night, but since we're a small group we don't expect a lot of super-late nights. We will create a DJ schedule from the participants, and we're also looking into getting a resident musician to play for us during the camp, but so far we haven't decided anything definitive.

The food will be vegetarian, with vegan options and occasional meat add-ons.
Please be specific when declaring your allergies so we can keep you safe while at the same time making the workload in the kitchen light.


City: Stockholm

When: 24-29 July

Start: 2024-07-24 (om 93 dagar)

Level: Från Avancerad

Instructors: Flouer Evelyn & Adall Skoglund

Price: 4200 kr

Organizer: Swedish Swing Society Stockholm

Swedish Swing Society Stockholm 556962-3712

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