The Revival 2022

Binding registration!

The Revival is about bringing back a time when people went out social dancing and enjoyed the company of others with the same appreciation in music.

We invite everyone to come and enjoy our ideas about music and dancing. The classes focus on the original Balboa, Bal-Swing, in addition to other Jazz era social dances. The evening parties all feature live music and offer a lot of social dancing time.

The main classes of this year’s Revival are on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Three days instead of two!
-Monday the 6th of June is a holiday in the Nordic countries (except Finland) and in many States of Germany.

This year’s teachers are:
Peter Loggins & Katja Završnik
Skye Humphries  & Frida Segerdahl
Gašper Hrovat & Anni Skoglund

There will be 11 hours of classes for each of the three different levels over Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Each of these three days will be followed by social dancing to Live music.

Class levels description:
You should already understand the Balboa “hold” basic, and the “down hold” basic. You feel you have a good groove but you need some tools to get better.

B You can do both Balboa and Bal-Swing. Tempos don’t scare you; you like a challenge.

C You can eat all tempos up and you can dance to all types of music. You just want to sharpen your craft.

Note: The teachers have the ability, with regard to your chosen class level, to move you as a dancer or as a couple (if you are pair registered), up or down a class if need be.

-If you need a Visa, please let us know and we will send you an invitation!

For international payments: (previously has been known to be one of the cheapest options.


Cancellation and Transfer Policy

All bookings are personal and cannot be transferred without prior approval of the Revival Committee. No ticket cancellations are possible. Though, from March 16 until May 25, you may request to transfer your ticket by contacting the Revival Committee. If there is a waiting list for your specific ticket type (Lead/Follow, Full Weekend Pass/Beginners Class/Party Pass), We will transfer your ticket to the first person on the waiting list and We will only charge 15 % of the ticket price as an administrative fee. If this is not possible due to the fact that there is no one in the waiting list, We will charge the whole ticket price.

Accommodation and meals may be canceled until May 7, without any administrative fee. From May 7, no cancellations or transfers of accommodation or meals are possible.
Up until May 7 - 2022, we at Sweden Balboa Society preserve the right to cancel the event in case of too few participants or an unforeseen situation. In case of cancellation a full refund will be made (except membership fee). The Friday Shuffle Class may be cancelled up until May 23 in case of too few participants. The Beginners Weekend may be cancelled up until May 30 in case of too few participants.

In case you or your dance partner can't attend, then you and your dance partner are personally responsible for having your own appropriate insurance cover.

Thursday is at the moment a warm-up day for those that arrive early to the Revival.
An extracurricular class is being planned right now for Friday (3/6-2022) which will be announced later. Friday evening will also have social dancing.
A beginner’s class is being planned which will be announced later.

City: Höllviken, Sweden

When: June 2-6, 2022

Start: 2022-06-02 (127 dagar sedan)

Organizer: Sweden Balboa Society