Double your class hours during the event! SNOW Extreme starts off on Thursday with 3 classes and continue on Friday morning with another 2 classes before the main event starts. 

Featuring our amazing PRO Staff & guest teacher :)
Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin
Ben Morris & Victoria Henk
Thibault & Nicole Ramirez
Maxime & Torri Zzaoui


  • Please give us a few day to process your registration.
  • For couple registrations - make only ONE registration per couple.
  • Of course you can also register without a partner. For single applicants we will accept your application as soon as someone with the opposite dance role has registered. Until then you will be put on a waiting list. 
  • To get accepted to SNOW Extreme it’s required to have a full pass to the main event. 


1000 SEK


Please note!
- Registration for the event is binding 14 days after you have been accepted to the event. After this you are liable for payment. 
- You have the possibility to cancel your booking within 14 days after you have been accepted. You are responsible to contact us at to cancel your registration.

City: Stockholm, Sweden

Where: EPIC Studios

When: Tors 19.00 - lör 19.00

Start: 2022-11-03 (212 dagar sedan)

Price: 1000 kr

Organizer: WannaDance

Plats finns