Scandinavinan Open WCS 2019 - Competitions

Scandinavian Open WCS 2019 - Competitions 
Do you want to compete in Jack & Jill and/or Strictly at the event?

Important. If you already have registered for the comps you do not need to register again!

Here's a pre-registration form for the competitions at SNOW. 
By pre-registering you will save a lot of time at the event and you won't have to waste time standing in double queues. When you check in to the event you will have your comp set-up ready and will get your bib number straight away.


  • Strictly Newcomer/Novice/Intermediate
  • Strictly Open


  • Jack & Jill Newcomer
  • Jack & Jill Novice
  • Jack & Jill Intermediate
  • Jack & Jill Advanced
  • Jack & Jill All-star


  • Awards

SNOW EXTREME (separate registration form)
Thursday & Friday 10 hours extra workshops with our PRO staff
150 spots available
Separate registration link:

SPOTLIGHT VIDEO CRITIQUE (separate registration form) 
Get ready for the comps - two hour spotlight critique before the competitions start on Friday. 
Analyze your performance - video review and feedback on your actual competition performance. Two hour session on Sunday.
30 spots available. Separate registration link: 

Planned occasions
1. v.44 Tors 31/10 19:00 - 4/11 19:00 (4d)

City: Stockholm, Sweden

Where: EPIC Studios

When: Friday & Saturday

Start: 2019-10-31 (722 dagar sedan)

Organizer: WannaDance