Stockholm Sensual Bachata Weekend 2023

Stockholm Sensual Bachata Weekend 2023

Featuring our amazing instructors:

  • Berra & Laura (Sevillle,Spain)
  • Simone & Danila  (Italy)
  • Stephanie and Roger (England, Argentina)
  • Pinja & Villehart (Finland)
  • Umeko Yuko (Spain)
  • Peter & Kari (Gothenburg)
  • Ivan & Diana (Stockholm)

Full pass Includes:

  • Three nights of  Socials  (Friday- Sunday)
  • Friday - Sunday's Workshops (in Bachata)
  • Opportunity to compete in our Jack & Jill competition
  • Entrance to our shows


  • Please give us a couple of days to process the registration.
  • Make only ONE registration per couple.
  • You can of course make a single application for Followers and Leaders and we will limit excess on each side to keep the numbers balanced
  • Booked and paid tickets are non-refundable.
  • You can choose to resell your ticket. Remember that your ticket is tied to the dance role you bought. Follower ticket is bought by follower and driver ticket is bought by driver.
  • If you have found someone who wants to buy your pass, email us the buyer's name.
  • The buyer makes their own notification and writes in the comment field whose pass she/he is buying. You settle the payment between yourselves.


  • 1250 sek (Lightning  Bird) – First 30 sold
  • 1450 sek (Early  Bird) - Next 30 sold
  • 1750 sek (Normal  Bird) - Until sold out

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Please note!

- Registration for the event is binding 14 days after you have been accepted to the event. After this you are liable for payment.

- You have the possibility to cancel your booking within 14 days after you have been accepted. You are responsible to contact us at to cancel your registration

Planned occasions
1. v.44 Fre 3/11 12:00 - 6/11 12:00 (3d)

City: Stockholm, Sweden

When: 3-5 November

Start: 2023-11-03 (33 dagar sedan)

Level: Från Nivå 1 till Nivå 5

Price: 1750 kr

Organizer: WannaDance

Plats finns