Following up on the huge success of QHLAN2022, the way is paved for QHLAN2024 to return to Epic Studios, the huge dance studio owned by old school Clan 9 legend Sweden Sniket.

Now with extended event length - starting on wednesday 10th Jan - QHLAN2024 aim to give players more time to settle in and warmup for the tournaments set for thursday, friday and saturday, one day per tournament.

QHLAN2024 will be livestreamed by TastyspleenTV.

Website: https://www.qhlan.org
Date/Time: 10—14 January 2024. Doors open 09:00.
Address: Rökerigatan 21, 121 62 Johanneshov, Stockholm, Sweden
Discord: https://discord.gg/5tRnX4V2DE

There will be 3 official tournaments at QHLAN2022:
1on1 - Thursday 11 Jan
2on2 - Friday 12 Jan
4on4 - Saturday 13 Jan
Specific times for tournaments will come later. Refer to the wikipage for updates: https://www.quakeworld.nu/wiki/QHLAN2024

How to pay

Non-Swedish players:
You can pay through WISE

Wanna Dance Stockholm AB
Karlavägen 111
115 26 Stockholm

or PayPal - robert@redman.se. Type of Payment: select "Friends or familyand NOT "Goods or services".

Swedish players:
Preferrably Bankgiroöverföring (BG)

or PayPal - robert@redman.se  Type of Payment: select "Friends or family" and NOT "Goods or services".

Please remember to send your OCR in the message field, to tie your payment to your name.

**Please note that all payments are final, and no refunds will be provided for tickets or rental services once purchased.**

City: Stockholm Epic Studios

When: Ons 12.00 - mån 12.00

Start: 2024-01-10 (140 dagar sedan)

Organizer: WannaDance

Endast 22 platser kvar

Org.nr: 559150-7834
info@wannadance.se, 070-727 18 56

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