Solojazz MA/A "Games for learning and improvising rhythms / Big Apple"


In this course we will explore a connection between rhythms that we dance, rhythms that we hear and see, and rhythms that we come up with ourselves. We will apply our findings both to solo jazz improvisation and to learning a choreography -- Frankie Manning's Big Apple from the movie Keep Punching (1939).

You have an experience of learning one or several vernacular jazz routines such as the Shim Sham, the Tranky Doo, Al&Leon Shim Sham, etc
You have completed M-nivå

City: Göteborg

Where: Stora Salen, Forum

When: Kursen är tyvärr inställd.

Start: 2021-09-18 (9 dagar sedan)

Level: Från Medelavancerad - Avancerad

Price: 450 kr

Organizer: West Coast Jitterbugs

Membership: Required