WCJ Routine Number 1

Daniel Larsson’s classic warmup routine to ‘Take The A Train’ timesteppin, jumpin, coolness for you who have just taken Beginner Tap and are at FK and above levels. This routine is aimed at you who are interested in routines, developing you tap and having a little bit of fun.

The entire routine can be seen here:


You’ll learn some an easy timestep, some Shim Sham shimmmy, Daniel Larsson fun, more! If we have the time, we can add some solo’s if the felling is right! We’ll learn how to ‘play’ the steps

Planned occasions
1. v.45 Sön 14/11 14:00 - 16:00 (2t) Forum - Lilla salen
2. v.46 Sön 21/11 14:00 - 16:00 (2t) Forum - Lilla salen
3. v.47 Sön 28/11 14:00 - 16:00 (2t) Forum - Lilla salen

City: Göteborg

Where: Lilla Salen, Forum

When: Totalt 6 undervisningstimmar

Start: 2021-11-14 (15 dagar sedan)

Occasions: 3

Level: Från Nybörjarmedel - Medel

Instructors: David K

Price: 360 kr

Organizer: West Coast Jitterbugs

Membership: Required