Balboa Medelkurs - Theme Flow and Fillers

In this one day workshop we will work on some smaller tweaks and tricks to add musicality and fun to your Balboa. This will not be focused on learning new moves, but about giving you skills to find your own individual style.

The language is english, but questions can be asked in swedish


Planned occasions
1. v.38 Lör 23/9 10:00 - 14:00 (4t) Forum - Lilla salen


Forum, Dr. Fries Torg 7, 41323 Göteborg

City: Göteborg

Where: Lilla Salen, Forum

When: Totalt 3 undervisningstimmar

Start: 2023-09-23 (5 dagar sedan)

Level: Från Medel

Instructors: Stina Johansson, Liam Craddock

Price: 180 kr

Organizer: West Coast Jitterbugs

Membership: Required

Late registration until tue. 17/10