Balboa Fast Feet

One of the true joys of Balboa is dancing fast to really hot swing tunes. In this course we will share tips and tricks of how to dance fast in an effortless and relaxed way.

We will focus both on body awareness dancing solo as well as the dynamic of dancing fast in a couple. This course will be held at M level, higher level dancers will also benefit from the course.

To enjoy this course you need to feel comfortable in your basic purebal and balswing and be ready to work those legs and feet. It will be more physical demanding than a normal balboa course. We are very passionate about dancing fast and are looking forward to welcoming You to this workshop!


Planned occasions
1. v.44 Sön 5/11 11:00 - 15:00 (4t) Forum - Lilla salen


Forum, Dr. Fries Torg 7, 41323 Göteborg

City: Göteborg

Where: Lilla Salen, Forum

When: Totalt 3 undervisningstimmar

Start: 2023-11-05 (om 38 dagar)

Level: Från Medel

Instructors: Stina Johansson, Elias Olofsson

Price: 180 kr

Organizer: West Coast Jitterbugs

Membership: Required

Late registration until wed. 1/11