Minor Swing 2024 - level Guldheden

A cosy Balboa event in lovely Gothenburg in spring. International teachers, bands, DJ:s, socials and lots of hangouts and fika. Come and make new Balboa memories together with us.

Level Guldheden - At the top of the hill (Advanced)

You like to geek and tweak on those basics and moves, and challenge yourself and your way of dancing Balboa. You are relaxed and comfortable in your dancing and that’s what makes you look so darn elegant. You can adapt your style to the different partners you meet and you like to inspire and be inspired by your dance partners. Tempo is not a problem, you embrace it! Taking classes is not so much about the moves anymore, it’s about musicality and inspiration.

Classes include 6 hours of quality lessons with Sanna Leinonen, Adam La Montagne, Gio Olla, Jennifer Lee, Mel Calanglang and Jo Calanglang.

Lottery to the Workshop: Spots will be distributed by a lottery at january 10:th. Registration for this is open one week, until 10pm january 9:th. After this date it is still possible to register late for available spots. If there are no free spots You will be put on a waiting list, and accepted if one becomes available.


City: Göteborg

Where: Forum, Doktor Fries Torg 7, Gothenburg

When: Fre 20.00 - sön 23.30

Start: 2024-05-17 (om 85 dagar)

Price: 1950 kr

Organizer: West Coast Jitterbugs

Late registration until mon. 13/5