Queer Lindy Beginner

Welcome to a festival where we acknowledge, and celebrate the queer expressions of swing dancing.

Our goal is for the Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival to be a fun, welcoming and inclusive festival for all participants, both during class time as well as on the social dance floor. We want queers and people of color to feel welcome, wanted and comfortable.

Lindy Hop is danced to swing music, which is a form of jazz, and is based on a lot of improvisation mixed with defined steps. Since the dance comes from the African-American Harlem, it has always been less formal than other couple dances, with an emphasis on playfulness and being yourself.

Description of the level: You are new to Lindy Hop and want to get to know the basics, or you have taken some Lindy Hop classes before and want to improve your basics. No previous dance experience is necessary. The course is a so-called ELEF (everybody leads, everybody follows). This means that during the weekend you will learn the fundamentals of both leading and following. Enough to have a blast on the dance floor!

Registration includes Party Pass.

Lottery to the Workshop: Spots will be distributed by a lottery at june 2:nd. Registration for this is open one week, until 10pm june 1:st. After this date it is still possible to register late for available spots. If there are no free spots you will be put on a waiting list, and accepted if one becomes available.


City: Gothenburg Sweden, Doktor Fries Torg 7

When: 20-22 September (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Start: 2024-09-20 (om 67 dagar)

Instructors: Grey Armstrong & Pomona Lake, Sonnie Spoon & Jamica Zion, Kate Burgermeister & Linnea Damber, Mina Warringer & Anne Normann

Organizer: West Coast Jitterbugs

Late registration until sun. 15/9

West Coast Jitterbugs
Org.nr: 857206-7075
kurs@wcj.se, 073-355 20 00

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