QLF 19 - Party

Welcome to the third edition of the Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival - an entire weekend dedicated to the art of swing dancing without set dancing roles.

There will be workshops, parties, live bands, DJs, conversations, fika, and most importantly loads of dancing!

What is queer lindy? It is swing dancing without regard to the traditional heteronormative dance roles, and with the option to switch roles while dancing. This way of dancing has many names in the lindy community, but we have chosen to use the term queer lindy to connect with other movements like queer tango and queer salsa. But also to expand the LGBTQ+ community within the swing dancing scene and create an opportunity to learn lindy hop for those of us who do not always feel comfortable in the often heteronormative couple dance context.

We hope to create a forum for queer lindy dancers to meet, learn and share experiences, as well as an opportunity for the curious to discover queer lindy.

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Any questions can be sent to the following email-address: gbgqueerlindy@gmail.com


City: Göteborg

Where: Forum, Doktor Fries Torg 7, Gothenburg

When: Friday-Sunday. 27-29th September 2019.

Start: 2019-09-27 (525 dagar sedan)

Price: 500 kr

Organizer: West Coast Jitterbugs