Hugo & Stacy WCS Weekend Imp/Chall couple registration

Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay are renowned for their precision, variety, and teaching methods within West Coast Swing. Since 2011, they have taken the circuit by storm with their Classic routines and are re-defining the learning process of the dance world. They will lead you through energetic dances while sharing their advice on all things dance.

Hugo and Stacy reside in sunny Clearwater, Florida and travel as competitors, judges, and choreographers for numerous events in different dance styles. Both continue to share their passion for dance and enjoy working with all levels of experiences. They work with top professionals in many different dance styles distinctly furthering their education and experience. Their philosophy is to introduce and foster fresh, comprehensive dance knowledge for their students by giving more of themselves within every experience.

On a more personal note a couple of years ago I was a bit worried what would happen to West Coast Swing if Jordan and Tat ever quit dancing? This acutally keept me sleepless a couple of nights, then I went to U.S and was fortunate enough to see Hugo & Stacy dance and I wasn't worried anymore.

Team Wcssweden is very happy to be able to offer two tracks with Hugo & Stacy + some bouns classes with Team Wcssweden instructors.

Improver/Challenging: You have danced West Coast Swing for about 1 year, you've taken at least a basic course and most likely 2 or 3 improver(forsättning) courses

5 hours with Hugo & Stacy + 2 hours with Team Wcssweden + 2 social dance nights (no coimps)

Intermediate/Advanced: You have danced West Coast Swing for at least 3-4+ years and you're not afraid to get new technical information that might challenge what you previously have learned.

5 hours with Hugo & Stacy + 2 hours with Team Wcssweden + 2 social dance nights (no coimps)


Early bird price 1200 SEK, accepeted and paid until 30th of May
Medium bird price 1300 SEK, accepted and paid until 30th of July
Late bird price: 1400 SEK, accepted and paid until 30th of September

Couple registration: 1200 SEK per person.
Internationals (not living in Sweden): 1100 SEK

Limited amount of spots.


Phone: +46 709 709 894


Brunna Danssportklubb, Saldovägen 2, 17562 Järfälla

City: Järfälla

Where: Stora Salen, Brunna Danssportklubb

When: Fre 20.00

Start: 2019-10-18 (1205 dagar sedan)

Price: 1200 kr

Organizer: WCSsweden